Oops...a Speed Bump!

January 2, 2022

I hope you are having a wonderful new year. I have exciting new things coming up for 2022. I finished filming the Think and Grow Rich Series. Took a lot longer than I expected (I was hoping to have it out by October). But it should be out in January (if not, then February). So be excited!!

About the speed bump...As Chez Eric grew, I needed to delegate various tasks to someone else who was far more qualified than me. Tasks that I personally suck at. I ended up connecting with a very talented designer in the Philippines. We hit it off and we've been working well ever since. He works on all the design elements and I just focus on Psychiatry and Religion part. Needless to say, he makes me look good.

Unfortunately, the Philippines was hit with a giant Typhoon (Typhoon Rai). Don't worry, my designer is still alive but he won't be back online for a while.

I've been growing a small team in the past month so I can share my insights on Psychiatry and Religion efficiently and effectively. I wanted to focus on creating new insights while delegating every other task to someone else. We all originally planned for a big launch of the Think and Grow Rich series. Typhoon Rai had other plans.

Nevertheless, I will be moving forward. However, my e-mails, social media, and other regularly scheduled content will need to pause for a while until my designer gets back on his feet. He was managing the logistics of all of that in the background.

Thanks for understanding! Looking forward to getting things back on track in 2022!

Dr. Eric

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