From Wish-Maker to Partner

January 2, 2022

For the Holiday Season, we’ve been talking about the transition from God as a provider to God as a wish-maker. But we left off with the curious idea of going further, with God as an entity you have a relationship with. The key is understanding Love.

When you have all of your needs provided, what is next? You begin to dream about your wants. However, when you have all of your wants provided, what’s next? I hear it’s a state of mind also known as ABSOLUTE MISERY!


You feel connected to the people in this world and your presence improves the lives of others. You begin to transition from thinking of self-preservation to thinking about society at large. Your meaning is no longer with your personal advancement, but rather, the collective advancement and security of those around you, those that you love.

Have you ever loved someone very much? So much so that when they suffer, you suffer? Have you ever tried everything in the world to stop their suffering but couldn’t? How did you feel when you couldn’t? Powerless?

Do miracles happen?

It’s fairly easy to be the master of your own destiny. But it is near impossible to be the master of someone else’s. You can advise them, you can support them, you can love them, but you can’t live their life for them. Sometimes, the people we love go through suffering and hard times and we’re powerless to help. Sometimes, the people we love make bad decisions, have negative mindsets, or destructive influences. What do we do then?


But can God provide needs that people refuse? Should God provide wants that are destructive? What exactly are you praying for when you pray for someone else?

It sounds like after your needs and wants are satisfied, you have something in common with God. You both love the person who needs help but cannot receive it. Sounds like you’re going to need to brainstorm with God for a solution. Might involve weekly meetings, discussions, feedback, etc. Sounds like the start of a beautiful relationship.

That’s what a High Performer with a close connection to a Higher Power looks like.

Dr. Eric

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