Dr. Eric’s Think and Grow Rich Series is Almost Done!!!

May 14, 2022

The Think and Grow Rich series is almost done, just a few more chapters left. If you’ve been checking it out, thanks for your support! If you haven’t yet, you can find it here.

I enjoy writing e-mails every week for you. I appreciate the time you take out of your busy day to let me share my thoughts. My hope is that the things I talk about can help improve your life in some meaningful way whether it be small or SUPER DUPER AMAZING.

I plan to continue my weekly writings. Starting next week, I’ll be discussing the Think and Grow Rich series chapter by chapter.

As you might remember, there were 2 parts to the Think and Grow Rich Series: (1) Theory; and (2) Implementation. The discussion on Theory would be free on YouTube for anyone to watch. Implementation would be connected to a paid course as the true value of any theory is the ability to implement it one one’s life.

However, for the next 15 weeks, I plan to add a third part to the Think and Grow Rich series which will be (3) Philosophy in the form of weekly e-mails.

I will be sending out an e-mail every week chapter by chapter of the Think and Grow Rich Series. In these e-mails, I will write about some overarching philosophy that can help supplement the Theory and Implementation courses. It can be read as a stand-alone e-mail but will be far more valuable if you’ve watched the videos.

Thanks for all your support through the launch of the Think and Grow Rich Series. I hope you enjoy what comes next.

Dr. Eric

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