God Does not Change!....Unless….(Part 3)

December 5, 2021

“What happens to our relationship with God as we gain more wealth?”

I was told “God Does not Change” but let’s go deeper…

God is often seen as our provider. We see countless prayers for money, for basic needs, or cures for ailments and diseases. But on top of that, we often see prayers for promotions, or a new home, or even a pony.

From a psychological standpoint (Freud’s view), God reduces our anxiety of uncertainty to satisfy our childhood needs for parents who could take care of us. William James’ view is that God is useful, so let’s make use of this and live good lives.

It would make sense that as our needs change, our pleadings to God would change as well. Mother Theresa often prayed for more food to provide for the poor and, sure enough, it came. You can imagine a devout individual working in middle management praying to God for a promotion. Finally, Millionaires and Billionaires pray for all sorts of things. But they are unlikely to pray for food on the table tomorrow.

There’s a trend.

For as long as Society’s relationship with God remains in the provider mindset, it will never be able to grow in wealth beyond a certain point. More wealth means less needs which leads to less desire to have a close connection to a Higher Power. When people are not interacting with a foundation of love, society declines.

In the early stages, God is a provider to help you grow towards Him. But once you’ve got what you need, God asks you to do something special for the world, to share what you’ve received.

A society made up of people who are doing what God called them to do is one where wealth distribution has a moral center. A society where God is a wish-granter or anxiety reliever is one where wealth distribution is based on dreams and fears. Where do you want to live? How about your children?

There’s nothing wrong with God being a provider. But what happens when it’s time and God asks you to do something for your fellow person? Are you open to hearing it? Will you answer the call?

If you are a High Performer you will. And if you are not, you won’t.

Dr. Eric

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