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Can Accomplishing Success Fail you?

March 25, 2021

One of the worst feelings one can experience is finally accomplishing your goals…and then realizing it wasn’t what you wanted. There are only two ways this can happen:

(1) You sacrificed more than you realized.
(2) Your goal was never yours. It was someone else’s.

It might seem silly to be talking about this. You just want to accomplish your dream and you’re willing to give everything to make it happen. What’s this about regretting success? This can’t possibly happen. You’re too mature, driven, and focused to fall for this.

Except that it happens all the time. Do you know any people “at the top” who have failing marriages, non-existent relationships with their children, poor health from bad habits, etc.? Or even worse, do you know of any people who have succeeded by sacrificing their integrity? Was it worth it? That could never be you…right?

This is a problem only high performers will experience. So it’s not talked about much. People make a lot more money selling the dream than selling long-lasting fulfillment. But I want you to be successful on your own terms. I don’t want you to succeed and have sacrificed too much or learn it was never what you wanted.

To prevent this, it takes a simple 2 step process:
(1) Take the time to understand your values
(2) Get rid of everything else

Let’s say you have a really great friend that is coming into town. They say, “Hey, let’s catch up! Dinner at 6 pm?” Would you go? I hope so! You catch up and then you learn your friend will be moving into the area. Would you spend time with this person? Absolutely! And over time, you will end up knowing this friend very well.

Take this “best friend” and replace it with “You.” Do you spend time with yourself? Do you take the time to understand yourself? How long have you really taken the time to get to know yourself?

When you know yourself with absolute clarity, then every goal you set out for yourself will be yours. And if you understand your values with absolute clarity, what you need to sacrifice will be obvious and never a regret.

Dr. Eric

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