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The Realest version of Telepathy (My Thoughts On Think And Grow Rich Chapter 13 - The Brain)

August 13, 2022

If you haven’t yet, check out my review of “Think and Grow Rich” Chapter 13 (link here). It’s titled “The Brain” but talks about how we’re all connected through “Intangible forces” as well as a little chat about telepathy. My Paid Program is less “woo-woo” and, instead, I go through how to communicate your vision to others. Today, I want to reflect on how we’re all connected.

As a psychiatrist, I’ve learned that life is a series of experiences, and many experiences are shared among many people. These experiences shape us and, generally speaking, similar experiences will shape people in a similar way. People growing up in the same neighborhood will have similar socio-economic circumstances and their outcomes will be quite aligned. People going to the same school with similar grades will also have similar outcomes. People who suffered trauma will often have similar patterns of behavior and outcomes.

Similar experiences result in similar reactions which results in similar thoughts and, as consequently, similar conclusions. When our experiences are similar to others, we feel connected. When our experiences are too dissimilar, we feel disconnected.

Feeling connected to people who are similar to you is easy. However, to be successful, you need to have connections with a diverse set of views and perspectives. Too much of one perspective leads to a skewed perception of reality and, consequently, poor decision making.

So how do you connect with people who have had dissimilar experiences to you? And how do you have them connect with you?

Feeling connected has nothing to do with knowing that the other person actually experienced what you experienced. Rather, feeling connected has everything to do with feeling understood. The easiest way for someone to understand is to have experienced the same thing. However, there are many instances where that is impossible to do. However, people are often willing to accept the next best thing: Listening.

If you want to “Think and Grow Rich,” you’re going to have to improve your listening skills so much so that people feel connected to you. After people feel connected to you, you can guide them towards your vision of a better future. It takes time, but most of all, it takes love. Listening is an act of love, one that most people don’t get to experience.

Dr. Eric

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