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Resolving Conflict, the Key to Rapid Growth and Success

February 18, 2021

Conflict is everywhere. Some people avoid conflict like the plague while some people love conflict. I would say that the large majority try to avoid conflict. Why go through the hassle?

How you resolve conflict dictates the level of success you experience in your life. This goes beyond just work. Conflict resolution affects your friends, family, spouse, children, etc.

We’re also not just talking about big arguments and fights. I’m also including small areas of conflict that we often just brush off.

If you handle conflict in a mature and reasonable manner, you spend more tie moving forward than trying to resolve a conflict. Or even worse, you may be mired in a conflict that has blown out of hand.

That’s the obvious observation. What’s the Dr. Eric’s Chez Eric Spin? Well, it’s Psychiatry and Religion. Both Psychiatry and Religion have rich resources for resolving conflict. You just need the right lens to see it.

If you can imagine how early societies functioned, it was probably a close knit of a small group of people. However, as these early societies grew larger, it would be harder and harder to know every individual in the society. There needed to be systems of rules and laws, codes of conduct, agreed upon moral and ethics.

In the several thousands of years of societal development, the evolution of these rules, laws, conduct, morals, and ethics are best represented through Religion. And we can potentially say that the best forms of conflict resolution are hidden in ancient religious texts. When a society has strong conflict resolution in its culture, it’s easier to grow, flourish, and succeed.

In many ways, this makes intuitive sense. Love your neighbor, be willing to forgive, be kind to the poor, look at the bigger picture (not just money). There’s also talk about how to confront someone that has wronged you. These basics are conflict resolution 101.

Where does Psychiatry come into play? It helps us understand the individual so the individual can work on the best ways to resolve conflict within society.

Yes, it’s all very abstract. I’ll be fleshing out these concepts in all of my other materials. But if you get it, if it resonates with you, great! If not, that’s okay. I’m still working on refining these ideas. Let me know how I can improve.

Dr. Eric

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