Intuition with a Higher Power

November 14, 2021

Intuition and Piety, what’s the relationship?

In my past e-mails, we’ve journeyed from Overthinking to Deeply Thinking to Intuition. Is Intuition the pinnacle of thought and achievement? No. But it’s an integral part of being a High Performer with a close connection to a Higher Power.

I spoke about emotions in a previous post (see here). As a re-cap, emotions close the gap between what you know and what you don’t know to induce an action for your survival.

Similarly, intuition helps the most once we’ve identified the core issues of a problem and can’t go further. Intuition bridges the gap to allow you to take action. Whether or not the action was the right one depends on the “quality” of your intuition. Unfortunately, we can’t quite measure the “quality” of intuition.

But something else is going on.

Imagine you only consume Disney Films and other Disney Media your entire life. You don’t watch any other media. Your worldview, your culture will have a certain set of characteristics. You will develop various biases for better or for worse. You will react to the world in a particular way based on your worldview that is entirely based on Disney.

In this scenario, when you face a problem, you will eventually run into a situation where there’s nothing left to “think” about. There is only a decision to be made. Your ultimate “intuition” will be based on the collective experience of your life. These are powerful subconscious dynamics that will ultimately cause you to lean one way versus another. If the only exposure you have is Disney Films and Media, your intuition will mimic that.

Of course, we’re far more diverse than just Disney films. But what happens if we consume religious content instead? What if we make that the bulk of our subconscious dynamics? What if we pray a lot more than the average person? What if we spend time cultivating a connection to a Higher Power such that all of our intuition is guided by that Higher Power?

If you want to be a High Performer with a close connection to a Higher Power, you will need to spend time connecting with this Higher Power such that your intuition is biased towards the perspective of an all-knowing, all-loving, all-powerful entity. This often comes in the form of prayer, worship, loving others, etc.

And if every decision with imperfect information that needs to be made is intuitively made with a bias towards this Higher Power, what happens to the quality of those decisions?

Something worth thinking about. But not too much. You have things to do. Haha.

Dr. Eric

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