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Instead of Resolutions, consider Affirmations

December 31, 2020

Happy New Year!!! 2020 has certainly been challenging. And that’s probably an understatement. But my hope is that we can all move forward to 2021.

The popular thing is to create new years Resolutions. It’s very popular and very well known to not last or be very effective. People often chalk it up to their inadequacies. By the time March rolls along, those resolutions are often forgotten.

Have you ever wondered why this happens? You might say it is due to a lack of willpower. If you made a resolution, you couldn’t stick with it because you didn’t have willpower.

Here’s a little secret…


If “will power” worked, wouldn’t everyone be successful all the time? Why is willpower so ineffective?

Here’s another secret…

Your biology, your hidden emotions, your subconscious mind holds you back. You don’t have willpower. You have the illusion of willpower based on the true motivations of your biology, psychology, and emotions. So what do you do?

Not Resolutions…Affirmations.

You might have heard of Affirmations. And you might have the sense that it’s “woo-woo” garbage. I 100% agree with you. However, the main reason why Affirmations don’t work is because (1) You’re using the wrong form; (2) You’re doing it at the wrong time; (3) You’re targeting the wrong part of your psychology.

Most people use Affirmations to say, “I am beautiful” or “I am wealthy” or “I am successful”. They say it to themselves over and over again until they get bored of their own voice. Then they give up and say it doesn’t work. Of course it doesn’t work! You’re just saying random things.

What do Affirmations do? Affirmations are a powerful tool to unwind your negative subconscious dynamics so you stop making decisions based on irrational fears. You can start making decisions based on expansive thinking. Affirmations have the following form: (1) I Am…; (2) [Emotion]…;(3) [Verb] ending with -ing.

How does this work?

When you say these things between being awake and being asleep, your brain goes into a “theta state” where it has the largest potential for learning. This is where you can tap into your subconscious programming.

Saying “I Am” cues your mind to know that this is regarding you, regarding your being.

Using an emotion cues your mind into the emotion you want to feel. The truth is that most of the decisions we make are emotional in nature. Accessing the subconscious programming without considerations about emotions is pretty much useless.

Using a verb ending with -ing allows you to take action. Look at how different this is when compared to resolutions. “I will lose weight” or “I will make money”. There are no action steps. Nothing for you to do. Humans are doers, we like doing things, when we are doing, life is good

You might not believe me. That’s okay. I didn’t believe me either until I tried it. And things changed in my attitude, the way I approached problems. Being able to access your subconscious programming is very powerful.

So instead of Resolutions, try out Affirmations. Let me know how it goes.

Dr. Eric

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